VER 5.80.52                             6.03.2014



1077. Program Run Options dialog modified, also dry run allows to fast run without moves simulation (or just data points), but with checking non-probe moves collisions.

1076. Message about missing or not calibrated probes is removed when starting cnc Dry Run (will appear only for on-line Run).

1075. F8 function key make the 3d view centre to the feature pointed by the mouse cursor in the feature list window.

1074. Edge Point feature definition on CAD with mouse right button, program re-places two data points so they are in default separation from edge (General Options-Surfaces-Edge Point parameters)

1073. Some occurrences of wrong cad surface assignment to the imported Surface Points from a text file.


VER 5.80.51                             1.02.2013



1072. Excel export, cell number format corrected in case of system decimal point otter than ‘.’ (DOT).

1071. Surface/Edge point features, corrections made in search for a cad surface functions.


VER 5.80.50                            18.11.2012


1070. Pipe end points envelope deviations calculation modified, so the error value is calculated in nominal end position, not the measured end. The difference is when the pipe ends are not cut off to its nominal lengths.


VER 5.80.49                            16.04.2012


1069. Symmetry Tolerance feature calculation corrected for two planes case.

1068. Angle feature result box in dimensions mode corrected so it displays Ang- result if selected in the Nominals dialog.


VER 5.80.48                            10.08.2011



1067. Result boxes options, ‘Save as default’ corrected for 'Use Dimensions' and 'Hide not visible SP  boxes' options.


VER 5.80.47                            13.07.2011


1066. Pipe EndPoint probe correction was not re-set to the last straight cylinder feature, when re-generating pipe with different number of straights.


VER 5.80.46                             1.04.2011



1065. PH_Cal2 program corrected so it use default touch speed

1064. Probe model 2nd and 3rd stylus extensions were not saved with probe file, so they didn’t appear after reloading a part. Probe file version changed. (12.01.11)


VER 5.80.45                            17.11.2010


1063. Chinese Traditional language selection added.

1062. Multiple nominals dialog, excusive results selection corrected (radius/diameter)

1061. Error when selecting probes, if mouse mode enabled (in MW wire frame).


VER 5.80.44                            11.11.2010


1060. Change in memory management, application memory optimized after loading cad files.

1059. Back to the previous dongle driver with support for parallel port dongle.


VER 5.80.43                             1.11.2010


1058. PH1 probe model added.


VER 5.80.42                            24.10.2010


1057. New dongle driver for USB dongle only.

1056. Intersection Cylinder-Plane, corrected setting up last results set when changing result type from Circle to Point in the Data dialog. Also program remember last type used, also first/second intersection point in other cases.

1055. Probe diameter added to the mot_CNCProbewith interface function.

1054. Corrected blending moves sequence interrupt if SetMotionParams command with blending=None is executed.


VER 5.80.41                             4.10.2010

VER 5.80.40                            30.09.2010


Maintenance versions.


VER 5.80.39                             8.09.2010


1053. Plane direction corrected when taken in CAD Surface Mode, with the Initial Alignment active.

1052. CAD reference system transformation after alignment was not updated in solid view (since ver 5.80.36)


VER 5.80.38                             2.08.2010


1051. Corrections in cnc RepeatGrid execution for working with slots.


VER 5.80.37                            27.07.2010


1050. Axel.ini file option for displaying solid view result boxes with Chinese traditional characters.


VER 5.80.36                            22.07.2010


1049. Recalculation of feature list corrected, in some particular case, when a reference system of a feature was defined later on the list than the feature itself, and the coordinates was used indirectly (by other construction features) to the feature definition.


VER 5.80.35                            21.07.2010


1048. Error in CNC editor when saving a new sequence program during learn.


VER 5.80.34                            15.07.2010


1047. Updating Surface Points procedure and messages changed. The command is called manually from Edit menu or automatically after loading CAD mode, if any surface points are found to have unassigned its CAD surface reference.

1046. Fix in Angle feature calculation, is some particular configuration it was causing large extents for drawing.


VER 5.80.33                            14.07.2010


1045. If part file written with ver older than 5.80.25 and loaded with ver 5.80.25 – 5.80.32, and if nominal values was defined in [deg] for angular results (cos, ang), might have wrong nominal values after loading the part. Loading the part with ver .33 will correct the values.


VER 5.80.32                            12.07.2010


1044. Results print preview form, added intol/out of tol features filter. The filter is active only when printing from this preview form.

1043. Sizeable Part Properties dialog.

1042. Save/Load cnc part with user programs placed in other than standard (PROG) folder. Now the part saves full path to the program files (ref. ‘Saving Cnc program files with Part.doc’)


VER 5.80.31                             8.07.2010


1041. Part Properties dialog changed to sizeable

1040. Chinese characters of the feature names in the result boxes display corrected in case of Axel in English, but on Chinese windows system.

1039. Sizable dialog and saved column widths of the command parameters dialog, and UserRes feature data dialog.

1038. Cnc editor command box, probe tip angles added to name in the Value column display.

1037. Probes file name added to the calibration dislogs caption.

1036. Surf_TP_ macro corrected, now takes probe diameter into account

1035. UserRes feature error whith long fetaure names in data expression.


VER 5.80.30                             1.07.2010


1034. Create new probe dialog, option to open model edit dialog automatically.

1033. Cnc Calculate variables for setting probe offsets from the program.


VER 5.80.29                            28.06.2010


1032. Part name and date added to each page of the printout bottom line.

1031. Adding New probe in multiprobe mode, a theoretical offset to the reference probe is calculated after model change (tip), when invalidating its positions.


VER 5.80.28                            21.06.2010


1030. New sound added for Message cnc command.

1029. Current Probes File name is diaplyed in Calibration Sphere Setup and Autocalibration dialogs.

1028. There is a warning and question box when loading part was saved with different Probes File. There is and option to keep current probes.

1027. Cnc Calibration prorgam (ph_cal2) is now always touching the sphere in perpendicular directions.

1026. Autocalibration dialog shows sphericity value of measured calibration sphere, for each calibrated tip position (in the Status tab, and Probe Positions Tab). These values are not saved to the file yet.

1025. Global options : ‘Distace absolute results’ and ‘Radial Position Tolerances’ are saved with the Part.

1024. Starting CNC program, if any of probes used in the program don’t exists ot are not calibrated, there is a message warning box.

1023. Nominal values of the feature angular results are recalculated when changing result type between cosines and degrees format in the options.


VER 5.80.27                            15.06.2010


1022. Probe Autocalibration, if Single Probe Mode is not selected (in the Probes Manager dialog), the autocalibration grid displays only cnc positions used with the current probe.

In Single Probe Mode it shows also positions used in other probes.


VER 5.80.26                             9.06.2010


1021. Probe Autocalibration, corrected selection of cnc tips in case of multiple probe heads.

1020. Feature index number column added to the feature list window.

1019. Probes file name (*.PRB)is now saved with the part. It will be loaded when loading the part.

1018. PH10T model corrected (wrong rotation)

1017. Surface/Edge point feature can be use in Projection construction


VER 5.80.25                             2.06.2010


1016. UserRes feature recalculation corrected


VER 5.80.24                            22.05.2010


1015. Iges surface corrected (FW34058_A.igs)

1014. Position tolerance feature, small rounding problem with value of the position

1013. Autocalibration dialog, separate switch for selecting not calibrated tips only.


VER 5.80.23                            18.05.2010


1012. Error opening nominals table for constructed circle feature (after mod. 994)

1011. Feature nominals recalculated when changing result type Cartesian-Polar

1010. CAD collision data saved with the AXD file

1009. ARC_TP3 modified

1007. CNC editor, corrected Ctrl multiple Execute command selection for multiple edit (was ok for other type of commands)

1007. CNC editor, Edit menu option for display consecutive command numbers

1006. CNC editor, ProbeSel command show PH angled in the title line


VER 5.80.22                            10.05.2010


1005. Inch units, learn mode, when program inserted ProbeSel command, it was filled with values in mm, corrected to inches.


VER 5.80.21                            10.05.2010


1005. Drawing of selected coord system in 3d view changed, now axes keeps its colours, but they are bigger.

1004. A bit faster execution of the cnc program when starting from user start point inside the program rather than from the beginning.

1003. PosMmc result of the circle is always calculated as 2D, referenced to the circle projection plane

1002. Mod 996 reverted to previous state, the bonus is always calculated from diameter.

1001. Arc_tpi3, arctpo3, arc_pla4 standard programs modified, negative value of cir_margin changes path to ‘groove’ mode, where program moves out of the hole to the entry level after each data point.

1000. Cnc command parameters box border changed to usersizable.

999. Rotation feature data extended with option of user input of the angle as tangent, ang = arctan(a/b).

998. Features Insert mode changed. Now a new feature is added after the selected feature. Except if this is first or last on the list, then insert is made before selected.


VER 5.80.20                             6.05.2010


997. Surface Point can be used for cnstructing other features in Data Points Source Mode (for use of uncorrected DP coordinates)


VER 5.80.19                             6.05.2010


996. Mmc bonus in case of radial position toleraces (single sided) is calculated from Radius as a size. The bonus becomes half of the one in case of diametric pos. tolerances.

995. Position Tolerance feature displays aditional ‘Bonus’ result, but only in case of MMC option seelcted.

994. Circle results – added PosMmc result. User can select Pos OR PosMmc for display.

993. Correction of DryRun probe collisions and backoff, in case of small probe and backoff value.

992. Using Surface Point for constructions of other features. Now it uses coordinates SP on surface, previously it was corrected DP.


VER 5.80.18                             9.04.2010


991. Runout Tolerance for single Circle feature data entry (= position + roundness).

990. Printout date replaced by Measured date and time. It is most recent feature measurement time.

989. Possibility of an Application error while loading part that automatically imports iges file,


VER 5.80.17                            31.03.2010


988. Position and Concentricity tolerance features corrected so don’t need recalculate after change ‘Single sided tolerance’ option, or after loading Part.


VER 5.80.16                            29.03.2010


987. New interface driver dtl_enc7480


VER 5.80.15                            25.02.2010


986. Initial Alignment indication displayed in the Working System status bar field.

985. Correction of geometric features nominals defined from CAD with Initial Alignment active.


VER 5.80.14                            08.01.2010


984. Calculation of tolerance features gives an error ‘Bad reference data’ when total number of features exceeds 256.

983. Pipe brackets default size set back to 10mm, if accidentally the value is =0.


VER 5.80.13                            01.12.2009


982. Small change in BestFit system calculation algorithm which should improve correct solution finding in bad conditions (in example small angle 3-pts pipe)


VER 5.80.12                            26.11.2009


981. Pipe bracket nominal was not generated correctly if its centre lies exactly on the pipe segment axis.


VER 5.80.11                            16.11.2009


981. Line calculated with plane projection (not 3D) might in some case have wrong projected direction.


VER 5.80.10                            12.11.2009


980. Pipe bracket nominal data was not generated correctly if its centre was outside of the last pipe segment length.


VER 5.80.09                            03.11.2009


979. Excel export template new surface points table columns format

    Current :

    data_sptable  =  XYZ measured + DnXYZ deviations + Dn + UT + LT     

    New :

    data_sptable1 =  XYZ nominal + XYZ deviations + Dn  +  UT + LT

    data_sptable2 =  XYZ measured + XYZ nominal + XYZ deviations + Dn  +  UT + LT


978. Improved creating cylinder and cone from the cad (surface mode).


VER 5.80.08                            18.09.2009


979. Geometry Transparency corrected so surface points would be visible if hidden under the surface mesh.


VER 5.80.07                            17.09.2009


978. Scrolling added to the Measure Window view tabs, if there is more tabs than the window width


VER 5.80.06                            13.08.2009


978. Some memory issues corrected for loading iges with big number of entitles.

977. UserRes feature ‘Note’ property added


VER 5.80.05                            29.07.2009


976. Circle filter (968) calculation changed (% of data points).


VER 5.80.04                            23.07.2009


975. Modification 968 corrected


VER 5.80.03                            21.07.2009


974. Standard printout feature header, number of points cut to one number – valid points used for calculation.

973. Modification 968 corrected


VER 5.80.02                            09.07.2009


972. Iges import Offset Surface entity corrections.

971. Points Mode error when clicked outside the highlighted point.

970. Camera probe, option for unlock all 3 coordinates. Some transparency added to the camera view picture.


VER 5.80.01                            09.07.2009


969. Points/Edge Mode feature definition from cad entities modified to have the points coordinates with maximum possible accuracy.


VER 5.80.00                            06.07.2009


968. A new option for circle/arc calculation, which filters out 2 data points, (R min and R max comparing to the centre calculated with all data points). The option can be enabled in the main program options General Tab page.

967. Corrected the Image probe enable state during cnc move with probe on.

966. Feature Insert mode with Repeat mode ON will add a new feature after, rather tan before selected feature.


VER 5.79.99                            09.06.2009


965. IGES Offset Surface (140) entity corrected for surface point calculations.


VER 5.79.95                            10.04.2009


964. Another correction of SP automatic selection of CAD surface when measuring a new SP from the machine. There is second surface search after a correction point is received.


VER 5.79.94                            31.03.2009


963. Occasional program error during loading a part file.

962. SP Surface selection modification (the same subject as p.961)


VER 5.79.93                            25.03.2009


961. Correction in routine assigning a cad surface for a new surface point measured on the machine.


VER 5.79.92                            26.02.2009


960. DTL_UCC1.dll driver ver 6.4.16

959. Corrected calculation of Surface Point in case of folded surface (a wing)

958. Drawing of zoom rectangle in solid view corrected for Vista system.


VER 5.79.91                            26.01.2009


957. Single Move command didn’t start if there was the starting point defined somewhere in the cnc program (the green arrow)

956. Correction of the Edge Point touch depth calculation for the acceptance test.


VER 5.79.90                            10.12.2008


955. [internal] Next stage of presetter interface implemented.


VER 5.79.89                             1.12.2008


954. Results save to file option, date and time uses default windows delimiter characters.


VER 5.79.88                            24.11.2008


953. Standard Results Printout corrected. Page contents overrides bottom page margin if any features on the page had its Printout Note enabled. This was visible only with ‘Feature Separation Lines’ option checked (general options- Printout tab)


VER 5.79.87                            11.11.2008


952. In global options, CNC Commands tab, additional parameter added for plane radius margin, it is used when generating arc with round plane command parameters.

951. Overrun parameter in autocalibration was not correctly passed to the actual program

950. Position feature with MMC option defined is now automatically recalculated after editing the nominals


VER 5.79.86                            06.11.2008


949. Plane picture in 3d mode shows an arrow in the centre to give the plane direction. It appears only when the plane is selected, and Data Points are enabled to show in the Measure Window view options.

948. Cnc path drawing in 3d mode uses some different lines (thin dotted lines for simple moves).

947. Direction of a plane (touch side) created together with a CAD circle/slot in the Points Mode corrected.

974. New cnc Learn dialog disabled from appearing after starting the learn mode.

973. Results-Save to a text file option, name and date header lines are now left aligned in the file.


VER 5.79.85                            27.10.2008


972. Correction of mot_CNCProbewith call for the itp interface


VER 5.79.84                            22.10.2008


971. Corrections in PRB files read. Some problems might occurs with files used with ver. from 5.79.66


VER 5.79.83                            20.10.2008


970. Projected 2-points line calculation corrected in some special circumstances.

969. Cylinder feature data points table – deviation values are now displayed with a sign, like other features.


VER 5.79.82                            25.09.2008


968. Selecting features for coordinate system. When adding (even temporarily by dragging in the measure window) the same feature as plane and as an axis, Axel was removing the first feature fro data. Now if for example the same plane feature is selected as primary plane, and the as an axis direction, calculation of the system will fail until different feature will be selected.

967. Access violation when loading a part saved with 3d view set. There was no error if no part was opened loading another part.


VER 5.79.81                            10.09.2008


966. Data Transfer setup for pipe benders. Situation corrected that if recently used bender was removed from the benders table, and defined other one in different position in the table. There was a error message during Data Transfer Enable.


VER 5.79.80                            08.09.2008


965. Error in reading probe PRB file, while loading an old part file (internal part file ver. < 171, Axel32 release older than 08/2005)

964. [internal] Support for blended moves added for the Itp interface


VER 5.79.79                            03.09.2008


963. ‘Note’ property added for the tolerance features.


VER 5.79.78                            25.08.2008



962. IGES import, Offset Surface (type 140) support added. Nurbs type of the source surface (128) is implemented.



VER 5.79.77                            11.08.2008



961. Pipe export benders selection dialog now always appears when there is more than one bender defined.

960. 3D Solid View window state is now saved and restored with the part.


VER 5.79.76                            01.08.2008



959. [internal] Optimized calculation of line feature (with no projection)


VER 5.79.75                            16.07.2008



958. Zoom To Feature menu command in solid view changed. In this mode selection of a feature changes the view so the feature is visible in the centre of the window. Rotation and view scale remains unchanged at the moment.

If the feature has its view stored, the complete view will be restored (see Feature List, property tab, View column, RB menu options).

957. Extended search of the CAD file when loading a part (needed when the part file is moved from other computer with different import directories). Added function is that AXD or IGS file is checked in axel default subdirectory (\GEOM)

956. Improvement in cad surface selection for Surface Point



VER 5.79.74                            03.06.2008



955. Pipe with more than 43 points could cause an error, (TotalLength feature expression too long)


VER 5.79.73                            29.05.2008



954. Reading iges (OC) occasionally gives different characters in entity names. Now each read should give the same names.

953. Correction of cad surface entity extents calculation

952. Error in DMS angle format: minutes (‘) and seconds (“) symbols were at wrong place (numbers were ok: deg-min-sec)


VER 5.79.72                            12.05.2008



951. Deva001 driver setup corrected, saves driver settings to the dtl_deva001.ini

950. Slot axis result (cosines) corrected so it display angle values if selected in global options.


VER 5.79.71                            14.03.2008



949. Edge Point X,Y,Z results nominal values corrected. The nominal values are assigned during calculation, and represents the edge point coordinates projected onto the CAD edge.


948. A warning message added when switching off the BestFit alignment Optimization option. This normally should be always enabled if using surface points in the best fit


VER 5.79.70                            05.03.2008



947. CNC learn, when creating a standard programs for a feature, it now takes number of points parameter in following order (next option is used if previous gives 0):

  1. ‘No of Data’ feature property

  2. Feature actual number of data points

  3. Global setting in the Measure Window options, for given feature type

  4. Minimum number of points required for given feature type



VER 5.79.69                            03.03.2008



946. Some features (i.e. Set feature) might not be rendered in solid view, if they were far from the machine origin, and the origin was not visible.

This error happened on ver. 5.79.66


VER 5.79.68                            26.02.2008



945. UCC interface correction for using integrated PHC1050 probe interface card.

945. Solid Probe scanning update

     Reference document: Solid Probe scanning support.doc



VER 5.79.67                            12.02.2008



944. CAD Transformation dialog, resolution of angle inputs increased to 5 dp.

933. Feature Data Points Table inputs of numbers corrected, in case when Windows decimal character is different than ‘.’ (a dot).

932. Line calculation wrong results, for line feature with projection property set (correct results for 3D calculation). The error was active since ver. 5.79.62 (20.12.07)


VER 5.79.66                             6.02.2008



931. “Solid Probe Scan” feature property for use with solid probe, in particular with Faro USB arm and Immersion Red Arm interface.



VER 5.79.65                            21.01.2008



930. CNC Program Manager programs tree highlighted font colour corrected


VER 5.79.64                            17.01.2008



929. Pipe – option for measuring two square planes instead cylinders.

928. Cylinder construction from two planes (tangent to the planes). Need user diameter and length.


VER 5.79.63                            27.12.2007


927. MCP probe model added

926. 3D probe models – possibility of connecting up to 3 stylus extensions together in one model.


VER 5.79.62                            20.12.2007



925. CAD features extraction modes.


924. Setup- Set Default Desktop menu option for resetting whole desktop arrangement.

923. Edge mode CAD features extractions

922. Manual calibration dialog displays Sphcty (sphericity) of the measured calibration sphere. This gives a quality indication of the tip diameter.

921. Status Working Plane is now in red, if any plane is selected (not 3dD)

920. Adding circle feature from the CAD, program is checking the current working plane whether to add a new plane for the circle. Previously only direction of the plane was checked, now also position of the plane.



VER 5.79.61                            21.11.2007


919. Translation feature, added construction Line + Point (line translated to the point)

918. Correction of floating windows position, if accidentally moved out of the desktop, or if opening the part saved with bigger screen resolution. If the window will disappear, it should be closed and opened again using Windows menu option or the toolbar button.


917. Results window – disable/enable data points on the picture corrected when the window is scrolled down.


VER 5.79.60                            18.11.2007



916. Option for default reference length for tolerance features (Measure Window options dialog)

915. Extended tangent calculation for two circles, (more options to go)

914. Corrected calculation of symmetry tolerance from 3 lines ideally projected onto the

913. Angle feature without any date, error opening Data property dialog


VER 5.79.59                            09.10.2007


912. Possible errors or part file not properly saved if the total file path was longer than 60 characters.

911. Geometry Transformation, sometimes hangs up the program when rebuilding 3d geometry objects


VER 5.79.58                            01.10.2007


910. Chinese version of Axel Foundation help connected.

907. Feature list window, Property tab, View column.

With the solid view displayed, click LB on this column.


a) If the feature has coloured view icon (feature own view enabled), it will go to the feature defined view (Execute View in the RB menu), which has all properties, position, rotation and zoom.

b) If there is no icon, or its greyed (feature own view is disabled), the view will be scrolled (no rotation or zoom changes), so the feature will be displayed in the view centre.


906. Angle results display in DMS format. Selected from the main Options General tab.

Note: at the moment it is only output display, nominal values and tolerances editors are still in decimal degree format.


VER 5.79.57                            20.09.2007



905. BestFit was not calculated correctly with slot feature as a data

904. Results Window error when click mouse LB on empty window, after deleting a feature



VER 5.79.56                            07.09.2007



903. Iges reader, corrected situation that the iges surface has only uv edge curves specified (no 3d)

In this situation there were no proper edge curves for the Edge Point calculation.

902. Sometimes an error or hang up occurred after reloading cad to the part with surface points



VER 5.79.55                            04.09.2007



901. Presetter version with another viewer for the image (camera) probe

900. Results Window shows data points and tolerance pictures on the right side of the table, if the Results Window is docked in the bottom panel.

899. Results Window has a toolbar button for Maximize/Restore window size, available when the window is not




VER 5.79.54                            24.08.2007



898. Results window – re—enabled function of disable/enable data points on the feature picture.

LB click : enable/disable point and recalculate the feature

LB + Ctrl Key : enable/disable, the feature is recalculated after the Ctrl key is released



VER 5.79.53                            20.08.2007



897. Profile feature calculation, for all component surface points with negative deviations



VER 5.79.52                            20.08.2007



896. Long Pipe option – now works with the flange type of end point construction

895. Extension of T8 temperature interface (average reading)



VER 5.79.51                            14.08.2007


894. Symmetry tolerance calculation corrected (case line-line-plane/line)

893. Symmetry feature corrected – calculation of symmetrical plane between two lines (or cylinders)

892. Support for reading actual machine temperatures for temperature compensation (T8 driver)



VER 5.79.50                            03.08.2007



891. Profile MaxDev result calculation changed, now it is a difference between max and min deviations of the particular points. Result name changed to PrfRes.

890. ZoomAll in 3d view corrected, sometimes showed incorrectly in case of features with error on the list

889. Cnc MoveTo with probe on corrected inside Repeat-Loop

388. During hardware datum DRO coordinates are now displayed without any Axel error mapping.

387. Cnc Single Move option added to the Program menu (and toolbar button)



VER 5.79.48                            19.07.2007


386. Corrected line-line symmetry point feature (error in ver 5.79.43)- effect in wrong pipe calculation

385. Correction of calculation symmetry tolerance between perfect parallel planes

384. Average Point polar probe correction – fixed error in case the data points were far from the point projection plane


VER 5.79.47                            17.07.2007


383. Probes manager, corrected calibration of a newly added probe in Single Probe Mode


VER 5.79.46                             5.07.2007



382. Plane-Plane symmetry feature modified

381. IGES Plane entity import corrected (with inch iges file)


VER 5.79.45                            29.06.2007



380. Symmetry tolerance feature extended for Point datum

379. International characters allowed in cnc expressions (ie. Feature name)

378. Error when closing Coord system definition box with the X button.



VER 5.79.44                            21.06.2007



371. Corrections in the Symmetry tolerance calculations

370. Procounter card interface


369. Toolbars Configuration language versions. Names on the Page list (toolbars titles) can be edited for each language separately.



VER 5.79.43                            16.05.2007



368. Introduction of long pipe split option.

367. Calculation of Plane-Plane Symmetry feature modified.


366. Overrun and Underrun parameters added to autocalibration parameters tab. Those values replaces global Axel setup, just for the calibration program.

365. SLT_RND_PLA and SLT_RCT_PLA programs modified, so there are additional moves after the plane, to the point above the slot centre, before start measuring the slot



VER 5.79.42                            19.04.2007


364. Corrected starting axel in command line mode – the parameter is a part name

363. Probes Manager – Single Probe Mode


In this mode the probes have no hierarchical structure and there is no offsets between them.

Otherwise (the Single Probe Mode unchecked) there is one Reference Probe, and the others are related to it by the Probe Offset calculated during calibration.


362. 3D view – ‘Points Mode’ unblocked when ‘Mouse Rotation Mode’ enabled


VER 5.79.41                            08.04.2007


361. Chinese texts update


VER 5.79.40                            02.04.2007



360. Chinese texts update

359. Automatic add/remove 4th position for probe initial alignment definition, when changing probe head model to the one with rotation offset (MH20i)



VER 5.79.39                            01.04.2007



358. Axel About dialog display corrected in Chinese version

357. Feature list window – error after moving more than one feature to the end of list (with the Alt key)



VER 5.79.38                            28.03.2007



356. A question about invalidating probe positions after change of probe mounting directions has been added.

355. Second calibration sphere appeared when opening Calibration Sphere or Automatic Probe Calibration dialogs, if the sphere already exists on the feature list. At the moment only one calibration sphere can exist.

354. Reading dongle corrected on Chinese Windows version



VER 5.79.37                            26.03.2007



352. Multiple calibration spheres temporary disabled. Only one sphere feature can be created using Measure-CalSphere option.



VER 5.79.36                            23.03.2007



351. Probes Manager dialog additional Expand button for the probe changer data.



VER 5.79.35                            20.03.2007



350. Automatic calibration dialog, added list of tip positions

349. New calibration sphere setup dialog, modified PH_CAL sequences

348. Chinese version – unexpected data point error during automatic calibration with search

347. 3D probe models – possibility of connecting up to 3 probe extensions together in one model.



VER 5.79.34                            08.03.2007



346. PH10T 3d probe model corrected

345. CNC editor Learn Mode now allows to edit commands parameters (with mouse RB)



VER 5.79.33                            06.03.2007



344. Automatic plane for Circle feature.

     The plane is now not created when measuring a circle on CAD using RB mouse button data points -

     In this case the circle has projection assigned from the status Working Plane.

     Plane is added automatically only when defying circle in 3d Points Mode.

343. Calibration programs modified (ph_cal2, sph_cal2).

     Safety moves enabled to avoid collision when next position is calibrated on the opposite side of the


     Tested also for horizontally mounted PH probe.

342. MCU1 (ucc) Delete button is now working with the probe calibration dialog opened (manual calibration).

342. First TP-type probe created on the list is set as the Ref probe.

341. If status Working Plane shows 3D, for new circle, arc, slot feature it switches to 2D

     (one of the coordinate system planes or plane feature). If the circle centre should not be projected,

     it have to be changed later in the projection property.



VER 5.79.32                            28.02.2007



340. Autocalibration corrections :

     - reference probe is always defined after loading older PRB files

     - cnc expression return _CALSPHx gives position of the reference probe cal.sphere

       but if the ref probe would not be defined, it will get current probe.

339. Iges import correction (entity 402, 698.igs)

338. Surface Point surface selection corrected.

     There was a case when direction of correction didn't decide to choose the



VER 5.79.30                            26.02.2007


337. German text file updated

336. Symmetry tolerance feature

335. Autocalibration sphere mounting program parameter added



VER 5.79.29                            22.02.2007



334. MCR20 changer programs

323. Probe calibration with different probes (offsets between probes)

322. UCC1 driver corrections, unexpected dp error, move end status flag


321. Initial calibration calculation added for PH type of probe

     It calculates probe directions based on 2 or 3 (MH20) positions declared

     in initial calibration tab. It is recalculated only when the button pressed.

     (no automatic calculation now)

     Result of the last calculation is saved to InitCal(Probename).log file.

320. Probe changer program execution added to manual probe change.

     (If not in off-line mode, cnc program is not running, not in learn mode)



VER 5.79.27                            18.02.2007



319. More changer support modifications (new expression variables and functions)

318. Error printing cnc program as text, when there was Message command with long

     multiline text.

317. Calibration subprogram Sph_cal2 correction.

316. Running sphere25 program with 'Show recent number of rows' option enabled

     error fixed.



VER 5.79.26                            12.02.2007



315. Probe offsets corrected - between reference and other probes.

     Wrong calculations were from ver 5.79.20 (new probes manager)


314. Write/Read data point to feature data table.

     There was a setup in axel.ini with definition of other reference system and

     projection plane for write/read points to the table.

     Now its disabled, it is always done in ref system displayed in the table without

     any projection.



VER 5.79.25                            07.02.2007



313. Correction of printed view bitmaps DPI in AxReport.

     (set to max 200dpi)



VER 5.79.24       05.02.2007



312. Modification of profile feature with SP points,

     Redefined table of results, drawing in solid view


311. Entities processing.

     Menu: Edit-Selection Filter, while 3d view visible.

     Now : for extracting circles and arcs from surface inside edges and converting to features


310. Sometimes result boxes disappeared after rotation/zoom in 3d.

     It was for bigger cad (slower rendering)



>>>>>  VER 5.79.23 ========= xx.xx.2007 ===========================================


309. First version (not working) of entities processing.

     Menu: Edit-Selection Filter, while 3d view visible.


308. Working Plane and 3D flag.

     A new feature has 3d projection flag disabled even if the status field showed 3d.

     This error appeared in ver. 5.79.21


>>>>>  VER 5.79.22 ========= 26.01.2007 ===========================================


307. Correction in horizontal arm 3d machine model


>>>>>  VER 5.79.21 ========= 24.01.2007 ===========================================


306. Correction p.303 was made with an error, corrected now.

305. Correction of position of floating windows (Features List, Result Window)

     if saved outside screen (might happen if saved on system with bigger screen


304. New Probes Manager window with probe changer support - first version.

     Reference document: "Probe Changer support.DOC"


>>>>>  VER 5.79.20 ========= 15.01.2007 ===========================================


303. Pipe - prevented against unadjusted B angle being calculated as < -180 deg.

     The range in now always -180 .. +180

302. Corrections about automatic creation of plane when defining a circle from CAD.

     If the option "Always create plane for cad circle" is disabled :

     - program takes Working Plane feature shown the status

       (if 3D set, it takes plane that is set inside the projection dialog)

     - calculates a plane from the circle points

     - compares both planes, if they are equal, a new plane feature is not created


>>>>>  VER 5.79.19 ========= 5.01.2007 ===========================================


301. A question box about finishing the Best Fit added when creating the BestFit

     with auto-add surface points option enabled.

300. Off-line mode is now always disabled when starting with normal Run button.

     It was working until now if the first cnc command was ProbeSel.

299. CNC editor - Move command that coordinates was learned in off-line mode

     are marked with "off" in the command box, or "M" if read from on-line machine.

298. 3D view - data points for a feature are visible for selected feature if

     Data Points visibility is checked in the measure window view options.

297. Measure Window tabs mouse RB menu has now Options item - it is the same as

     main menu Setup-Program-Measure Window

296. 3D sphere picture - default is a full sphere, other option is display part

     of the sphere in data points range, or specified angle range. These options

     can be set through "Size and dir" property.  

295. Error when changing feature type of the symmetry feature.


>>>>>  VER 5.79.18 ========= 20.12.2006 ===========================================


294. Keypad interface added for KP_ROUNDSLOT, KP_RECTSLOT, kp_Arc, kp_Set

     aux_UpdateKeypad function will be called every 300ms, and aux_IsKeypadInstalled

     function will be checked only when starting part window.

293. When starting Axel or making a new part, for cnc systems program will go

     to machine mode (disable off-line mode)

292. Modification in 3d machine model, so model dimensions in 3dmachines.ini

     can be omitted if the model is not going to be scaled

291. Selected feature in solid view shows its data points as white dots

     It shows only probed points (not from constructions).

290. Solid view sphere feature picture is now a part of the sphere, according to

     the data points range

298. Change in df_layer for itp interface for loading aux_xxx keypad interface

     functions. If the function are not found in dtl_itp then remain directed

     to ax_keypad


>>>>>  VER 5.79.17 ========= 14.12.2006 ===========================================


297. DMIS input real numbers are accepted without the digits dot

296. Symmetry feature corrected picture in solid view

295. Arc_pla4 cir_startang value was calculated as value > 360 deg


     A message box added when measuring first Surface Point in a new part and

     default surface thickness is not zero.

     after loading a part with information if any of the

     Surface/Edge points has non-zero Surface Thickness set.


293. Pipe - Data Transfer option for zero first and last segment Y

     deviation for benders

292. First version for testing of adding safety moves in cnc learn.

     At the moment works when entering a learn move (MoveTo) or selecting

     SurfacePoint feature.

291. Chinese characters in the result boxes feature name line (solid view)



289. UCC1 interface corrected


>>>>>  VER 5.79.16 ========= 26.11.2006 ===========================================


288. Pipe TWIST angle calculation.

     In some cases resulting twist angle was reversed to have the same sign as

     in the nominals.



287. Pipe generation - brackets are disabled in the BestFit options



286. Distance feature calculation.

     2 lines distance as default is calculated as 3d space distance.

     There is a new option in the Data dialog for calculating the lines distance

     from its midpoints. The two options gives the same result for parallel lines.

     This applies for line, cylinder, cone and coordinates axis data features.



286. CNC moves inside RepeatPolar and RepeatGrid corrected

     (the move end was calculated with error depending on Overrun value)



285. Geometry Transformation

     Updated CAD transformation dialog with Apply and Undo operations.



284. Tolerance features, which has a reference length (perpendicularity,...)

     Now when defining the tolerance feature for the first time, program

     automatically set the Reference Length to size of the first data feature, if

     possible (i.e. cylinder, line length - as calculated from its data points)



283. CNC Conversion of MoveBy to MoveTo.

     It is possible from the graphics window, when the program picture is visible

     (after dry or normal Run).

     Switch to "Program" edit mode (in Status line or Edit menu), and select the move.

     More commands can be selected (with the Ctrl key). If all selected commands

     are MoveBy then RB-menu shows option 'Convert MoveBy to MoveTo'.

     Commands that have any expression in dX,dY,dZ parameters are not converted.



>>>>>  VER 5.79.15 ========= 13.11.2006 ===========================================


282. New Surface Point of Edge Point feature always takes its Reference System

     equal to current CAD ref. system, not the Working System from the status line.

     Surface points require to have the same reference as the cad for correct




>>>>>  VER 5.79.14 ========= 9.11.2006 ===========================================


281. Initial calibration function in autocalibration. BETA.


280. Modification of p.335.

     Hardware datum dialog has now disabled edition of the origin values.

     They can be set manually in the axel.ini file in

     [ZeroDlgSetup] section :





279. PH_CAL2

     Sphere program now measres full 90 deg semisphere (exactly in the equator)

     Previously set to 80 deg in p.153


278. Temperature compensation sign correction


>>>>>  VER 5.79.13 ========= 1.11.2006 ===========================================


277. Error in processing iges Surface of Revolution entity

     (the error exists from p.263 11.09.06, ver 5.79.8)


>>>>>  VER 5.79.12 ========= 24.10.2006 ===========================================



276. UCC1 error mapping (enabled in UCC ini file)

275. Axel Error Mapping error

     There was an error on exit from Axel if the Error Mapping dislog was used.


>>>>>  VER 5.79.11 ========= 18.10.2006 ===========================================


274. Autocalibration

     RB menu option "Calibrate single with search" option

     starts calibration of single position, but the calibration routine will search

     for the calibration sphere down on Z, from current position. I one data point

     is found, program will calibrate the sphere with bigger margin and avverun



273. Correction of probe length calculation

     Offsets recalculation might not be working for probe head with offset (MH20i)


>>>>>  VER 5.79.10 ========= 12.10.2006 ===========================================



272. Pipe - correction of best fit calculation with both end points DN-axis option





>>>>>  VER 5.79.9 ========= 12.10.2006 ===========================================



271. 3d Probe models

     Added M3 stylus extensions, more M3 styli models.





270. Pipe

     Shalow angle nominal point option corrected.


269. Pipe

     Start Point plane intersection option. Corrected that the P0 intersection

     point become an AvrPoint not a Circle. Cicle was causing wrong nominals

     in the Best Fit.


268. CNC editor - Learn mode

     While in Learn Mode,


267. Excel export

     Corrected view export error with named view cell in Excel, ie part_view_iso







266. AxReport

     Problem with save/load report with feature result boxes that has

     spaces in name






>>>>>  VER 5.79.8 ========= 12.09.2006 ===========================================



265. Translation Plane-Point

     The plane is translated to the Point position



264. Distance calculation

     Plane-Plane : distance from the first plane midpoint to average of data points

     of the second plane, (the planes might not be parallel)

     Plane-Line : distance plane - line midpoint without need to be parallel

     Line-Line : average distance fom the two midpoints projected onto the other line





263. IGES

     Correction of accuracy of Surface of Revolution iges entity






262. New CNC command MoveTouch

     Takes destination point and approach direction as parameters.

     The command is actually combined two moves, one to the position with

     approach distance parameter away from the destination, and second - touch

     move to the destination point, on the approach direction.


     There is an option in Learn parameters box for using MoveTouch command for

     probed moves - otherwise MoveTo with probe On is used, which requires

     additional move to position probe near the touch point.





>>>>>  VER 5.79.4 ========= 31.08.2006 ===========================================



261. Correction of 3d view internale names of fetaures (errors in chinese version).





>>>>>  VER 5.79.3 ========= 24.08.2006 ===========================================



260. New Prgram Run Option for detecting cnc move collision before the move is

     actually started.

259. Correction of display plane in 3d view in some particular orientation





>>>>>  VER 5.79.2 ========= 17.08.2006 ===========================================



258  Manual Datum operation – LED only to display the status of datrum, press Start to clear the axes.


257  Fonts in the Datum window –don’t always work in chinesew window


256  In Chinese version various problems – for example recoginition of feature names, cross loading of programs between versions etc.


255  CNC standard program parameters should have english version only to avoid misinterpretation


254  In Chinese version, we can not implement probe auto-calibration operation.


253  In Chinese version, in the feature list, when I want to change the name of a feature, some points are added, because I use spacebar to select the Chinese words, and the button is assigned to adding points.





>>>>>  VER 5.79.1 =======  16.08.2006 ============================================



252. New CNC standard programs for slots with plane :







251. CNC editor, "Measure to Execute" menu option corrected for some

     features (ie. circle)




250. Correction of surface search for the Surface Point 'Surface' property

     In some situations program found surface with big deviation

     (plced on first position of the surfaces list).


     Note: there may be still problems finding the right surfce, if the

     correction direction is significantly different from the surface normal.





249. Start Learn error - did not replace existing program if its name was longer

     than 8 characters (another program with the same name was added to the list)


248. Pipe

     Correction in assigning nominals to fetaures while generate.

     Corrected nominal of HP points.





247. Pipe data export external program call


     Data Transfer dialog in the Pipe tab allow to enter external program name.

     The program can be selected with the open dialog (mouse right click).

     Also can contain program parameters (full command line).

     If the option is checked, at the end of writing bender file the external

     program will be executed.






VER 5.78.10 =====================================================================


246. Program-Options dialog changed


     Added options :

     - Animate fetaures views in CNC

       This is the same option as in Setup-Prorgam-OptionsViews tab.

       If enabled, during program run 3D view is changed to the one assiciated

       with the fetaure.

       The feature view flags are shown in the features list second tab.

     - Show recent number of moves.

       If checked, program will show during run only specified number of last

       moves, just to keep the picture clear



247. Views property of the feature.

     The last column of the second tab in the fetaure list shows view property

     assigned to the feature.

     Commands an options are available under the right button menu on this

     list column.


     Options in the menu :

     Store view - fetaure remembers current 3d view

     Execute view - 3D window shows stored feature view

     Disable - stored view is not ececuted during program run

     On Start - feature viev is set when starting measure the fetaure

     On Finish - when feature is finished a default view is restored

     On Both - start measure sets the view, finis restore default one.


     The enabled feature views changes during cnc program run, or during GO mode,

     if selected in the program options Views tab.





344. View property in the feature list.

     This flag shows if a 3d view point has been asigned to the feaure. This

     view will be visible when feature is remeasured in Go or CNC mode,

     if the function is enabled in Setup-Option-Views tab.


343. EP_TP_ sequence modified to touch the edge point relative to the first

     surfae point






342. Surface points that are used in best firt alignment have now its picture

     with a black centre (in 3d view).


341. Corrected calculation of best fit with surface points in CAD initial

     alignment mode.


340. Autocalibration button enabled for the TP probe in its calibration dialog.


339. F2 key does not switch now through the 'mouse' probe (in MW view). The mouse

     still can be selected, but using the ststus bar menu.

     19.06.06 The Mod is reversed.






VER 5.78.5 =====================================================================



338. Edge point acceptance in CNC changed.


     In CNC pogram the edge data point is now always accepted and added to the

     feature data, even if its parameters are out of range (separations, depth).


     In manual measuremet not accepted data point is not added to feature,

     and should be measured again.






337. Introduction release of CNC blending moves (DEVA and UCC1 interface)




336. Temperature compensation for machine axes and part

     Machine coordinates are modified with the temperature error :



     ex = x * (kp * dTp - kx * dTx)

     ey = y * (kp * dTp - ky * dTy)

     ez = z * (kp * dTp - kz * dTz)


     kp  - material coefficient of the part

     dTp - temperature difference of the part

     kx  - material coefficient for the machine x axis

     dTx - temperature difference of the x axis


     The three machine axes coefficients are not editable by user, they

     should be set once in the axel.ini file :








335. Possibility to set datum of the machine to given coordinates.


     Axel will set the values in machine position where the zero was found, or

     axis reset manually.

     This will work for interfaces with the cnt_SetCounterVal function implemented.






334. Multipoits aligment defined on geometric features mod:

     - change fetaures nominals and recalculate bestfit. previously the nominals

       were not updated automatically in the best fit calculation

     - remeasure best fit Element, after finish all features related to element

       will be moved to the new transformation


333. Translation fetaure - second data

     If the second component feature is circle or slot, and it is the same

     feature as the first one (the feature has been selected twice),

     then the second fetaure is a direction plane.

     This allows to translate a circle or slot paralel to itself.


332. Translation fetaure - slot translation added

331. Qucker opening multiple feature tolerances dialog (red pencil button)




330. Feature window - layer field right mouse button menu for quick layer change


329. Correction in EdgePoint calculation accuracy.




328. Deleting large CAD is now quicker (ie. when closing part).

     (if 3d view was in use)


327. Application error when selecting a cnc command in the cnc editor, while

     3d view not visible.

     Might occur in program released between 31.03.06 - 12.04.06




326. Single feature tolerances dialog.

     New option [Meas <-- Nom] - modifies feature data points so its results

     become equal to nominals.


     - this option acutally moves data points of the feature

     - applies only to probe points (not for constructions)

     - uses only positional nominal data, doesn't change size or direction






325. Option to lock view in RB property of the MW views tab.

     This locks view change and moving results boxes.


324. 3d view probe and machine visibility can be switched separately.

     Probe is auto-hided in view where tip is not visible.





332. Corrections in Axel standard templates for Excel.

     Fixed excel export to template created from once generated report, containing

     tables and features.






331. Program releases btween 17.03.06 and 22.03.06 could not show Set fetaure

     drawing in MW view (ie. pipe bends)


330. Pipe

     Nominal table-

     when switching between axy and ybc and there is a question

     about recalculate and answer was NO, program kept info as the nominals was

     modified and in consequence when closing wit OK, the pipe nominals were







329. Changes in ARC_PLA4 cnc program


328. Dry run - the first move is now not simulated, so the probe goes straight to

     the move position.


327. Selecting a command in the cnc editor with the mouse, program now also selects

     corresponding feature it this is an Execute cmd.


326. Start Learn mode, Message or Pause commands

     Causing hangup of the program if in learn parameters there was checked option

     'Execute path and position probe at the end'





325. CNC hidden run mode (when starting from a defined point oftheprogeam or

     executng run for a single feature), now does not change probes, until it

     gest to the starting point (it was visible on the screen).


324. CNC programs





     Calculation of the last move (out of the plane and circle) corrected.

     Wrong move might appear if the plane dir was more than 60deg from +Z.



323. Plane translation feature drawing in 3d view corrected.





321. Corrected automatic selection of surface for surface points

     (when measurin a new sp on the machine)






320. Layers dialog now shows number of elemens assigned to each layer.


319. Introduce of Part Mirror option for creating mirrored part fetaures and

     cnc programs.






318. Import Surface Points option now allow to read iges file.

     Only entities of iges type Point (116) are converted into surface point






317. 3D view - Grid - CoordSystem option corrected.


     "Working system" option causes the 3dview ref system (displayed in the

     bottom left corner) to change in sync with the part working system

     (shown in the status bar).

     This coordinates effects the grid display and the View-XY (YZ,ZX)

     commands. The 2d command diaplys a plane of the selected coordinates.


     This option is saved with DesktopSave - this will be restored for the new part,

     and independently saved with a part file.



     this has no connection with the CAD coordinate system, which is a reference

     of the CAD 3d model read from the cad file.





316. Error in Import Surface Points

     A line with coordinates in the file was not accepted if tere was less

     than 4 numbers.


     Now a point is created if there is at least 2 numbers in

     the line (xy).


     Generally, the line should have 3 or 6 numbers: xyzijk.

     The numbers can be separated by any non-number characters

     ('0'..'9', ' ', '.', '-', '+', 'E', 'e')

     If the ijk direction vector is given, axel adds a correction point to the

     created SP.

     The points are referenced to the currnt working system (from the status line).





315. Password protection for opening feature data property



314. Pipe results

     A case with wrong (+/-) singn of one of bend values.





313. Rotation fetaure data property dialog corrected





312. Corection in display grid in 3d view

     (it wouldn't show always)




311. Pipe slot brackets


     Bracket types has been extentd by round and rect slots.

     Can be selected globaly in the 'Parameters' page or individually

     in the 'Brackets' table in the tast column (its a 3-state switch working

     with dblclick or spacebar)

     By defult results enabled for slots are centre xyz and width.

     Generated slot has length equal to with (its a 'dia' value)




310. AxRep - fixed error about printer bin


309. Distance Dist result upper tolerance modified so it doesn't accept

     negative number




308. Enabled possibility of moving fetaures on the list in case of pipe part.


307. Edge point cnc program EP_PT__.SEQ modified.

     Added two parameters to work with 4-point EP fetaure.





306. Pipe bestfit end points options


     Best fit with point option Dn calculation has beencorrected.

     Now pipe end points can have Dn-axis option checked (in best fit options

     table). This gives correct best fit in case the end points are shifed

     along the tube ends. Only distance to the tube nominal axis will be taken

     into calculation.


     Now if there is at last 5 pipe points, axel enabled Dn end points by

     default during pipe generating.

     At the moment this function can be disabled in axel.ini file:




     The Dn optin can be also changed manually in best fit option property.





305. Edge point Number of points property added (2 or 4 can be selected)


304. CNC Learn - Protection against using a standard program for learn.





303. CNC program during run now also is checking motm_StatusChanged message.

     Previously only mot_ReadAxisStatus function was used during program run.





302. DMIS slot feature

     At the moment axel always creates rectangular slot

     (program W8BHJ07H43 has ROUND parameter, but measure points fits

     rectangular slot)


301. DMIS probe setup in options


     Seyup of dmis probe direction in case there is no SNSMNT command

     in the program.

     NOTE : Mounting axis (probe Z) direction points towards the machine arm

            (not the tip end)

            Probe X axis is where probe is pointing whith 90,0 angles




300. DMIS Alignment Rotation + Plane fixed


289. DMIS Probes.


        This gets a bit more complicated at the moment.


        I have found out that the programs are probably designed for probe

        directions +Y-X-Z (in axel notation), while itp machine is -Y+X-Z.


        Unfortunately the programs doesnt contain definition of the probe mount,

        and all commands SNSDEF has mount axis 0,0,1 (which is equivalent of axel -Z).


        As an experiment I have added to the dmis interface command SNSMNT which

        defines all directions of the probe mount.

        It deifnes ZVEC (our AB0 dir) and XVEC (our A90 dir).


        NOTE : dmis ZVEC points towards the machine, while axel AB0 is along the probe tip (the opposite)


        If you put a dmis line in at the beginning of program :




        it defines that the program was designed for probe +Y-X-Z.

        Now the dmis angles will be translated to the -Y+X-Z (probe which is

        set in axel before translation (DMISProbe)


        NOTE : the command is valid inside single program, so should be added

        to each one before translation.



288. DMIS editor

     SAVE menu command enabled



287. Slot distance and angle calcuation

     (distance is from centre point)





286. DMIS program files loaded with the part file

285. Axel fff-line joystick mode enabled if pc-joyctick not connected




284. 3D view RB mouse data points.

     Taking data ponits with mouse RB was sometimes incorrect if the grid

     was displayed on top of the cad model.






283. Correted updat of nominal table bend and radius after editing default

     bend and radius in the first tab of the pipie data dialog.

     It was not always updated when changing mm-inch because of some numbers



282. Pipe - corrected update of pipe points nominals in case of nominals

     coordinates start from not 0,0,0 point





281. Auto-add plane to te circle.

     If program adds a plane, and the status working plane is not 3D, then the plane

     become status current working plane.





280. PH_CAL2 program modified to work correctlty with horizontal arm

     (moves between position change)





279. Pipe - generating pipe with plane intersection end point type there was

     no probe diameter used correctly if the fetaures already existed befor.






278. New CNC comands




     with paraneter RelFetuare, which can be plane or point.

     Move destination point is modified according to the RelFeature measured







277. Part file version control

     In the part open dialog there are informations about part version number.

     One is the part file selected, and the current one for comparision.

     The same information is in Part-Properies-Statistics.


     When saving a part that was created with previous file ver, there is a

     message box with information and question if realy save the file in new



     Relation between Axel release verions and part file versions contain file




276. Result labels - there is a choice of up to three columns :

     measured, nomina, deviations to be displayed in the box.

     Selection is done in the Option-Result Type checkboxes.

     (At least one column is forced to be selected).

     Each column has headre letter above, respectively M, N, or D






275. Arc_Pla1 program corrected

     (ref. 27/06/05)




274. Added some pan modes in 3d view with shift key


     Menu options\buttons           LB    LB+Ctrl       LB+Shift  LB+Ctr+Shift


     None                     -     ROT     -         PAN

     Pan mode                         -   PAN     -         ROT

     Mouse rotation mode            ROT   -       PAN       -

     Mouse rotation mode+ Pan mode  PAN   -         ROT           -


     Zoom in/out with RB works whenever ROT or PAN is active.







273. AxRep - internal limitation for dpi printed of 3d bitmap.

     ver 1.3





272. Auto calibration - order of calibrated tips now set according to the probe

     tips list.


271. Wrong value of pla_angstart of arc_pla4 when created in learn.


270. Correction of an error in ARC_PLA4.SEQ





269. Generating pipe - sart and end planes has added correction points

     This is important for end with flange, where direction of first flange

     cylinder is determined by circle reference plane - the flange plane.






268. IGES import


     - A message box added after end of loading about not processed iges entities

     - Added iges offset curve





267. Pipe flange mods (bends, number of straigts input)





266. Error in flange construction in GO

       Construction of cylinder from a single circle added 06.09.04

       Error with GO from 17.03.05


265. Pipe file transfer new formats

     The same as YBC and XYZ but with pipe descriptions added.

     Format names XYZdescr and YBCdescr (in the DataTranser setup-File-Format)




264. Plane feature calculation

     If a plane is contructed from point fetaures, the direction will be

     taken form correction of one of the points to set plane normal side.


263. PH10 'hand control unit not connected' status was taken as an error and

     prevent futher ph communication.





262. OOT soud disabled for pipe features (points and straights)


261. New standard program for arc + plane  ARC_PLA4

     Added separate angle parameters for a plane

     Correcetd that the arc/circle and plane fetaures are created during run

     if dont exists.





260. Not reading dro after manual zero of the axis in the datum dialog





259. CAD initial alignment


     The initial alignemt state is indicated in 3d menu, and in the alignmet

     dialog ("Active" checkbox).

     After defining normal element alignment this becomes inactive, but the

     initial aligment is still remembered.

     If for any reason during off-line pfograming there is a need to revert to

     the initial aligment (ie when element becomes invalid), go to the dialog

     and enable "Active" checkbox.

     This shows the part back in the initail alignment regardless of current

     element transformation, and allows to redefine the elmenet.


     Part file chenged - Do not read this ver.files to the erlier versions of Axel.





258. Plane fetaure diretion calculation

     (see p.339)

     The probe correction is not used for a plane constructed from other

     features (ie in pipe part). In those cases the direction is determined

     by the component points direction (the screw rule).



257. Pipe XYZ-YBC nominal table edition


     When switching from XYZ to YBC nominal table, program saves initial

     transformation (first 3 points which defines elemen system).

     When anything changed in YBC and switching back to XYZ, program recalulates

     XYZ that starting from 0,0,0 alog X, and then adds saved transtormarion.

     The efect is that the nominals after that are still in original xyz datum

     ie cad.



     1. At the moment this transformation is used only in nominals table edition.

     When the table is left in the YBC mode, pipe sill will be generated from 0,0,0

     2. YBC corrections should be made after entering at least 3 xyz point first,

     to establich correct initial 3-pts tranformation (just to see predictable

     coordinates in the cad coordiantes)

     3. This not applies to 180deg pipe, because 180pipe is genrated always from

     YBC data (from 0,0,0) and at the moment xyz points cannot be edited.







256. Program sandard sequences for inside slots


     SLO_RCT   6pts slot rectangular inside

     SLO_RND   6pts slot round inside






255. New set of standard cnc programs for arc and plane


     ARC_TPi3      arc inside

     ARC_PLA3      arc inside with plane

     PLA_RND3      plane round

     ARC_TPo3      arc outside


     Has new parameters :

     angaxis  - index of ref system axis for ang=0  (x=1, y=2, z=3)

     angstart - start angle in deg

     ang      - angle value in deg (with sign)


     The new program replaces those with "2" in the name.

     Program setup shows only new sequencs to choose from. Existing

     programs using previous sequences are not afected, until changed executes




254. Always start Set feature with 3D projection regardless current status working plane





253. Scroll wheel actovated in the CNC editor


252. 3D geometry rectangle selection


     Shift+LB         rect selection

     Shift+Ctrl+LB    rect selection, old selection is not cleared


     If 'Mouse rotation mode' checked (otherwise Ctrl is used for rotations)

     Ctrl+LB          toggle selected single entity,









251. Pipe results - corrected [pass]/[fail] calculation.





250. Off-line Joystick functions

     - joystick buttons for zoom in/out

     - joystick hat button (POV) controls rotations of 3d view (by 10 deg)





249. PH_Cal2 corrected - added an intermediate move up at the end


248. Axel Joystick (off-line joystick) new options in its setup

     - second progamable button, it toggles joystick function between move

       and ph probe selection. These buttons can be teached, by selecting a

       combo box with the mouse and pressing a joystick button.

     - ph probe selection joystick mode can be enabled in the joystick panel box

       It is idicated in the status bar with different icon.

       In this mode ph probe defined position can be changed with the joystick

       (or j. panel buttons)

     - 'Disable machine joystick mode when enable off-line joystik'

       This option is enabled by default for Axel Deva interface, because the

       same computer joystick is used by Deva driver. For other systems where

       machine is controlled by a separate joystick this is not nessesary.


247. Possible error when loading cnc program using program editor

     'Add from file' button


246. Error opening 3d view with coordinate system feature that has space characters

     in the name.


245. Axel joystick - ph probe positions selection.

     Button in the joystick panel box.






244. Autofinish features on set number of points in MW setup.

     Now the feature is not being finished below its minimum number of points

     required for calculation, regardless the dialog setup.

     Ie. circle, plane - 3, cone - 6, cylinder - 5, sphere - 4. This numbers will

     be used if set lower in the setup. (Except 0 which mean no automatic finish).


243. Iges save corrected for




     Set feature still exported as polyline, no solid will be seen from

     pipe bends.


342. Corrections for ',' set as decimal point in windows local settings.





341. Fetaure window program flag indicating existance of Execute or Measure-Finish

     command for the feature.

     Learn asks now when addidng a feature that already has its Execute or

     Measure-Finish commands





340. ARC_PLA1 program is now selectable for an inside ar program

     (arc and plane subprogram).



339. Calculation of Plane feature direction

     Now the direction of the plane normal is determined by its correction dir.

     Any order of data points will result the same plane normal if probed from

     the same side.

     Plane normal has direction opposite to the direction of correction/






338. 3D Points mode menu option - no submenu.

     Cursor "hand" is shown during points mode.

     Alternative switching the mode on/off is clicking both LB+RB mouse buttons.

(ref. 10/02/05)


337. Program cerated in learn for feature now assumes that the fetaure has correct

     probe direction, its taken for execute parameters to decide on which

     side to measure from.

     Last probe position is no longer taken into consideration.


336. There is an option at the start of learn mode that program will be executed

     in dry hidden mode, and san path will be displayed. Axel joystick position

     is placed at the end of path, ready for adding commands.


335. In edit program mode after dry run parts of the program can be selected

     as one piece and display its data in program property diaog


334. New feature "Program" propety dockable dialog

     with functions for

     - edit execute command parameters

     - update the parameters with data from the fetaure

     - run single fetaure subprogram

     - change subprogram

     - delete feature subprogram execute



333. New toolbars and menu interface




332. 3D view Pixel Buffer option.

     This option uses hardware support for opengl buffer region extension.

     (available for all nvidia based cards)

     When enabled program render cad part only if the scene changes.

     If other elements like probe, features, program, results changes, there is

     no need to render cad, so it gives significant improvement in fram rate.

     Reommended for large cad parts and cnc programs.


331. 3d view mouse selection changed.

     Now iw work like in wireframe MW view, LB down start selection, mouse move

     changes selection to other feature, LB up accept selection.

     This also work in learn, where commands will be added on mouse up.


330. Scan path edit - Programs edit mode allow to select single move or

     whole sequence for exected sbprogram.

     RB menu open command parameters table, or feature program property dialog

     in case of subprogram.


329. 3D view rotations / framerate

     Disabled switching to wireframe when fps drops down.


     Now to speed up rotatiions :

     for fps < 5   : ligths disabled

     for fps < 2   : depth checking disabled

     for fps < 0.1 : hide cad part





328. Cnc path edit.

     Selection scan path in the programs mode highlights whole subprograms.

     Property menu displays data table of corresponding execute command.


327. Solid view cad selection.

     Added selection with Shift (rectangle) and Ctrl (add to selection) keys.

     This is enabled when RB menu option 'Selection Mode' is checked.

     Other function of the Selection Mode is to show hint box with name of the

     surface under the cursor


     Rectangle selection (with Shift key) in 3d solid view work sightly different

     than in wire-frame Mwasure Window view.

     In 3d all fetatures intersecting with the rectangle selected are selected,

     while in MW only inside and not intersect are selected.




326. Solid view zoom to window error when selecting a zero sized rectangle







325. New feature nominals not rouded when taking points in 3d RB or points


     Collision points are the same as data points from the machine and

     new nominals are rounded (if set in general options).





324. Average Point nominals corrected in some cases, when creating a new

     point feature which is autmatically finished afetr one data point.


323. Surface point with material thickness

     xyz nominals are set thickness distance from the cad surface







322. Stndard printout setup - Compact mode.

     With this option line with table column heders is printed only once per page.

     Useful only for fetures with standard result table (ie not pipe).





321. Axel lite

     Enabled MW options for show features, data points and limits.


320. Correction of slot width results when referenced to other than machine

     coord system.





319a. Pipe twist angle calculation


     In case of nerly 90 deg twit angles program looks at nominal points

     to establish theoretical directions and correct B signs, not dependant

     on measured values.


319. Calibration subprogram Sph_cal2.seq corrected







318. Pipe OOT sounds.

     Newly generated pipe should not have a sound on end points and bracket




317. Guided points

     Axial colours.

     Option for enabling only point features for colours an sound







317. Joystick panel - button for bringing joystick probe position into

     centre of view


316. Corrections of guided points



315. Correction of probe calibration alert date calculation




314. DRO Guided points


     Generally in remeasure dro incremental mode shows a data points measured

     last time.


     For surface/edge point this is a point with coordinates on surface,

     stored when measured for the first time.

     This position is redefined when:

     - taking the point from cad

     - overwriting manually nominal xyz values in the tolerance table

     (note that the nominals will be recalcualted with next calculation, bu the

     entered position will remain)


     Guiding DRO options

     - digits colours changing inside two range area

     - sound beeps, when inside range, changes sound frequency and beep intervals.





313. Fetaure window cursor keys (keyboard) are disabled if the joystick

     control panel is visible


312. DRO window incremental mode option can be swiched during measurng feature





311. Default name for pipe points features can be assigned in setup

     (features page)


310. Pipe generation

     Corrected pipe points nominals after generating pipe again on measured

     pipe features





309. Cnc learn


     hit_tp__.seq program modified so in dry run when there is no cdata point

     there is a move back.

     Without this after ending plane program, current position was inside

     part and then added circle was approched from wrong side.






308. Standard programs save


     Std ptrograms now have blue background in the cnc editor


     Std programs are not automatically saved with part, also program dos not

     ask for save when its modified on close.


     The only way to save modified standard program is to use of Save option

     in the cnc editor menu (or toolbar)



307. Sometimes surface wireframes were not visible in the measure window view

     after loading iges.




306. Loosing colision mode when switching probes



305. Catia import

     - option for deleting intermediate (iges) files.

     - remember catia file type in the open dialog



304. Long names in the MEA file export



303. Disbled log window opened when error, withitp interface

     Need the axel.ini entry to be empty :




302. Disance absolute result option



301. SP measured in repeat mode, then best fit selected - last empty SP was

     added to the best fit. (with auto add SP to best fit option enebled)


300. 3D view zoom all - measure SP before part alignemt might casue wrong zoom all






299. Pipe nominals

     Changing nominals table for 180 deg pipe, and closing the dialog with OK

     (without generate) was causing wrong data in the best fit and pipe points




298. Pipe brackets


     Measured bracket featues are moved up in the generated fetaure list,

     right after measured pipe points.

     Brackets are included in the bestfit components during genetation,

     but as default are disbled. Need to be reset after pipe generation.







297. Correction of PH_CAL2 autocalibration program, it goes above sphere

     after each calibrated position, to avoid collision during change




296. New cnc program for plane measurement PLA_TPc1.SEQ  (circular)

     The program i s selectable in options -standeard programs and plane

     program property dialog.

295. 3D grid in inch units

304. Correction of some case of creating plane for circle




303. Correction of the calibration porgram ph_cal2, there was wrong approach angle

for some non-90deg positions.




302. PH9/10 probe off-line mode in joystick mode (doesnt select actual probe positions).

     Off line u can work in ph10. In joystick mode program doesnt communicate with the machine ph10.

     SO you can work in CAD.

301. Joystick control panel (in menu Windows)

300. Program property dialog - change program for feature and do dry run of the this program.




299. Pipe with brackets - remeasure - corrected finish. Couldnt remeasure brackets.

     Program used to finiesh afterthe first bracket.

298. Corected initial selection of probe mode when starting part.

     Program remembers the last operating mode.

297. Pipe nominals table input in inch


- pipe points nominal received wrong values after OK

- input resolution in inches correted to 5 decimal places





296. Drawing circle and arc fetaures in 3d corrected/improved for beter visibility

295. Changed joystick movements. Joystick directions are always relative to the Measure Window observer.





294. Joystick button and space bar enabled for enering move in Learn mode, while

     3d points mode is acive.

293. Iges message about hidden layer entities read






292. Catia import dialog progress bars


291. Initial CAD alignment for off-line programming


     This is a new option in 3d menu, available when there is no features

     aligment for the cad.

     The aligment dialog contain option for :

     - probe cad plane, this will be aligned to the machine surface

     - flip vertically, rotate and move the part


     Initially placed part should have then geometrical or surface element alignment

     defined (on 3d cad). When the element is defined, the initial alignemnt

     become inactive, but can be used again once the element is deleted.


     The procedure uses some machine setup parameters, so its good to have

     this close to the real machine.


290. Surface thickness plane property


     Surface property for the plane is added if selectedf in program options

     (Surfaces page), and if the plane is initially measured on the cad.

     Plane results are corrected by the thicknes in the same way as probe correction.

     This is applied when the plane is measured with non- cad points.






289. Part file restore 3d geometry and feature display mode.


288. Probe tips selection menu shows calibratio state, similar as in the list

     in the calibration dialog.





287. IGES - some invisible entities from iges now can be found on geometry

     hidden layer after iges load.





286. Error rendering 3d view to a file or report, with reults option

     "Hinde not visible SP boxes" enabled.


285. Average point dot (small circle) drawing on printout

284. Part 22XR - problem with calculation plane created for a circle





283. End of feature sounds

    OOT sound is on when :

    - tolerances/nominals defined in toler dialog

    - fetuare defined from cad

    - pipe features

    - GO : fetaures that has measure points from machine - ie not construction

    - no sound for SP, EP at the moment






282. Reading iges with set feature exported by axel to iges.




281. Correction in IGES export global section (ie units)

280. Error calibrating first tip on some systems

279. 3D features : on top visibility option

278. 3D geometry : transparency option

277. Iges export - planes and circles





276. Error in selecting pages in the setup dialog for systems with some disabled

     modules, ie just surfaces enebled.





275. Surface system have duisablem best fit menu option by mistake since 17.08.04





274. Pipe points creatd during generating has assigned tolerances from pipe






273. New Dry run in 3d simulation, with colision detection ane unexpected data

     point error.

     Parameters in menu Program-Options.





272. Cylinder construction

     Cylinder feature can be constructed from one circle or

     circle + point(for length).

     Cylinder can now have user diameter (at the moment used in pipe with flange)





271. Correction of zoom all in 3D with just features (like pipe) when soe layers

     are invisible.


270. Pipe calculation with HP corrected (eaton_500610_pipe.par).







269. Best fit restriction options.

     Restrictions setup is now preserved when remeasuring best fit itself,

     or its components in GO mode.






268. Pipe exchange format.

     Data points added to the export and import ([DATA POINTS] section)

     Kay names:
















     Each name is ended by the point number, ie,





     Following apears depending on end type :

     EndPoint - for single or average point,

     EndPlane - for plane intesection or flange

     EndCircle - for flange


     Each line contain 4 or 7 numbers :



     where d is probe diameter (axel might write 0 for generated pipe,

     but not measured)


     Note: there in no information about numbero fdata points for a fetaure.

     When reading use key name with the next pt index and see if any not empty

     string will be read.


276. Surface points colours scale display (3d menu)


275. Pipe exchange format import.


274. Software control of AB ph10 angles in the calibration window.

     The two spins change temporarly values AB, but actual change of probe

     position happen after 1 sec of user inactivity.


273. New option for result options for enable result box for new feature.

     This option is only for surface/edge points and circle/arc features.

     Note : The option as the boxes itself can be enabled in each view separately.


272. Surface points import from text file

     A text file with lines

     X Y Z i j k

     can be imported and surface points for each such line will be created.

     SP will have current working reference system, and the file coordinates

     are assumed to be in this system.





271. Separate MoveTo button in the program editor - creates MoveTo command

     with current probe position in working system.

270. OOT sounds modified.

269. Creating circle plane corrected.





268. 3D axes in the left corner shows status working system if the option

     is checked in 3d menu-grid-coordinates-current working system.

     If this selected do Desktop Save to remember this setup (at the memoment

     this choice in not saved in the part files).


267. BestFit alignemnt enabled for pipe module

266. Circle cerated from cad has now correct nominals.

265. Fetaure OOT/IT sounds enabled only for fatures with Printout flag on.

264. Results window buttons hints enabled




263. Stop GO mode on element, for parts with cnc program.

     Was not working with surface points.





262. Error with SP, when drawing SP in 3D point that has error ie no surface.

     Also happened in GO after a data point.

     This error appeared after mod. 259.





261. Autoarange and boxes correction for Set feat.

     When result boxes visibility is diasabled, autoarrnge enables boxes first.


260. A plane is added to circle cerated in 3d points mode, the same rules

     as creating from cad entity in source points mode.


259. SP with an error in ResWnd now in 3D view has always OOT colour


258. Result window shape picture of plane corrected if not on XY


257. Pipe Flange start/end point option

     At the moment work like this:

     3pt plane

     3pt circle - projected onto the plane

     P0 - circle centre projected onto the straight1





256. Feature list mod

     When selecting a feature as a data for another feature, now button down

     selects the feature (on FL and MW), then selection can be dragged to other

     one, and finally accepted feature is the one where the mouse button is up.

     Function of dragging of features to another place on the list now works

     with the Alt key pressed.


255. Added pipe end points coorection dir in/out of pipe setup.





254. Ruled Surface ges read correction (Demo-Part.igs).


253. 2d view selected box now is red with white text (those coloure are fixed

     for now).


252. 3d view SP picture updated after changing its nominal/tolerance


251. Autoarrange

     Slightly corrected positions of the boxes, for thr boxes not to loose their

     border line when autoarranged on the window edge. (Might not be 100% proof

     because of rescaling the window for diaplying in the report or printing).

     In 3D view box text disappear when its left edge is outside the window.

     Could not fis this at the moment as its property of the opengl.


250. 3D view cnc program path visibility option is working


249. OOT/IT sound.

     Program recognizes if the user sets nominal/tolerance values in the dialog,

     or a feature was created using cad and has nominals set.

     In other situation the sound is not played, until its nominals will be


     Particulary for pipe there will be no sound after measure cylinders.


248. 3D probe cross.

     A cross of size 15 mm is displayed when the probe model is hidden.

     The cross is also displayed in collisions mode (bigger size 30 mm).


247. Autoarrange

     3D view :

     - boxes of features with error are visible, instead of number dsiplays 'err'

       and out of tol colour

     - autoarrange and lines intersection corrected






246. Solid with mesh option in 3d menu for geometry.






245. Correction of displaying SP surface property list for SP taken with the

     mouse on 3d model.


244. IGES second method of import in program-options

     Method1 - axel standard import

     Method2 - axel new






243. SP learn


  Update SP execute parameters - corrected point direction.


242. Autocalibration routine sph_cal2 :


  Probe chenage command moved after the message about placing the probe

  above sphere.





241. Axel ini now holds parameters for triagulaing iges nurbs surfaces.




NurbsTolerLength= 10

NurbsTolerError= 0.5


  This is default setup :

  Sampling Method = parametric error  (1)

  Parametric error = 0.5


  Possible methods :

  0 - edge legth

  1 - parametric error


  For 'edge legth' define NurbsTolerLength value,

  for 'parametric error' define NurbsTolerError


  This setup is read from ini before each iges read. Values used for specific

  iges file are stored in its LOG file.


  At te moment there is no user interface for changing this oprions.


  The bigger values the trialgulation is less accurate ane there is less trianles.

  When trimming errors are visible change of theis method or value might help.

  This apply only for nurbs surfaces (ie not for cylinder surface).





240. Axel Report.

     - Print 3d axel view while in axel 3d not initialized, now prints

     MW wireframe view.

     - Print 3d view scalling corrected.





239. Colision point detection disabled when cnc program is running

     (it was active for the first point after start axel)


238. Corrected autoclibration with probe mounted horizintally (ie -Y)




237. IGES export


     At the moment exported features to iges :


     - avereage point   as iges point (116)

     - surface point    as iges point (116)

     - edge point       as iges point (116)

     - line             as iges line  (110)

     - set              as iges copious data, form 2, (106)


     In the save dialog when iges selected, the setup button becomes active

     and reference system can be selected there.


     In case of the points its coordinates are corrected as in results.

     In case Set feature - they are uncorrected data points.





236. Set/curve clipping corrected (drawng in MW)




235. Pipe remeasure - now remeasure is finished automatically after collectin

     number of points equal to N of straights+1 as set in the pipe data dialog.

     At the moment it always cerate xyz nominals, so there is not possible

     to remeasure 180 bend pipe.





234. Round and rectangular slot features


     At the moment in results there is no information for round slot about

     situation where there is no straight part of the slot, ie in case of

     wrong data points or so.




233. Error when starting cnc program from specified start point, and program

     displays message box about changing MIH probe.

232. Removed sounds when adding feature for coordinate syetem deofinition.





231. Corection in calculating rotation of a coordinate system.

     Loaded part would need recalculation (ie reclaculate element) to disply

     the coordintes correctly. New measurement will also repair this.





230. Correction in calibration programs xxx_cal2.seq, situation with

     relatively big BaseDia parameter. There is additional move to not colide

     with the sphere.





229. Results boxes 3d view for SP

     There is a result boxes option to hide boxes of SP that are hidden in 3d view.

     This option might need some testing as it sometimes hides boxes that should

     be visible.


228. Sounds

     Added 'end of cnc program' sound. (not in dry run).

     This sound is disabled in AC run, instead there is IN/OUT of tol sound

     at the end of each tip, depending whether calibration is successfull or not.


227. Missing True Position result box added in 3d view

226. Saving back cad to axd acroos the network, now message about the error


225. Autocalibration in inches corrected




224. Result boxes arrow line is now in selected colour (if feature selected)


223. Autoarrange - there was an unnessesary msg about adding another view.

     This was happening with result option display In/Out of tolerance boxes.


222. GO mode results window now shows previous feature from the current one,

     until first data point is collected, similar to the 'repeat' mode.






221. Error Saving File during part save if iges was loaded from network or CD.

     This was tht axel was trying to save axd file in the same as iges path.

     Now in this case axd ic created in axel GEOM subdir.


220. Mod for reading LD100... igs - needs TESTing.


219. Modifications of SP surface seletion, part meridian1





218. Protectin against locking light setup in 3d

     (also * numerical key brings the light to the default value)


217. Load geometry log file is always stored in local axel\geom directory,

     not the iges import path.  


216. Modification in SP surfaces dialog and acceptance

     Added out-of-boundary value to justify point position.

     Corrected using acceptance range, now its compared to pure DN value.

     Surfaces dialog displays pure DN value and correction angle, but surface

     position on the list is determined also by out of surface boundary value

     (if point is no more than range from the surface edge)





215. Corrected SP colour when measuring series of SP (the colour retained

     when creating SP in geometry mode).


214. Corrected display of surface list in SP surface property.

     Now autoselected surface is always on the first position, additionally

     there is angle between surface and correction dir.


213. Autocalibration - after finishing alibration of non-ref tip program checks

     deviation of the calibrated ball from the reference one. If bigger than

     setup dev. - there is a choice to repeat or continue with the next one.


212. Serial port initialization corrected for use with pipe result export





211. Correction in calculating tpi offsets using two calbrated position

     Now the calculation shpild be correct for the probe being not aligned

     to the machine axes


210. Corrected MH8 probe model drawing in 3d

     NOTE: Offset Recalulation of the position for this probe dont work now.

     Position needs to be calibrated.






209. Corrected zoom to fit in 3d, after changing cad coordinate system.


208. Changed 3d view menu,

"CAD reference system" now is the same option as Reference Sytem in geometry

mode in MW. Previous "Coordinates" option has moved to the Grid submenu.





209. Styli names in 3d probe setup contain styli length

208. AutoCalibration window openedobly from manual probe setup dialog

207. Some menu icons were missing

206. CNC Probesel MIH displaya message box about changing probe position





205. Corrected drawing of cad acrs in 3d view




204. In some places axel was checkin status just X axis for common errors

     Now added checkig of sum of all axes ststus.




203. CNC ExportRes command parameter 'DDE' name changed to 'DataTransfer'


202. Learn Depth parameter is now added always, regardless of way

     the fetuare was created


201. Correction of feature list


200. Conetricity tolerance changed


     Posiible datum features (datum axis):

        circle, arc, line, cylinder, cone

     possible feature

         a) point, circle, arc,

         b) line, cylinder, cone


     In case of circle datum, an axis is constructed from its centre

     and reference plane direction.


     Two types of concentricity calculation :

     a) point distance to the datum axis

     b) sum of parallelism value for the reference length,

        and 3d distance between axes.





199. MMC position tolerance

     MMC is enabled for Position tolerance feature with second feature

     as circle.

     It takes Nominal, LoTol, UpTol of the circle diameter.

     Positional tolerance is eneterd in the UpTol of the Position

     feature, but results tables display calculated MMC tolerance im this




198. Runout tolerance feature

     It takes two features data :

     1 - line, cylinder, cone

     2a - plane,

     2b - cylindr, cone

     2a - face runout calculated as:

          squareness line-plane over the reference length +

          plane flatness (???)

     2b - axial runout calulated as :

          distance between the two axes in space (???) +

          paralelism of the two axes over the reference length +

          both cylindricity(conicity)





197. Extension PAA1 added to the probe models

197. Error map indication for itp in status bar

196. Printout buttons changed in all features dialog

195. All types of result boxes in 3d view uses color code for in/out

194. Feature can be selected with the result box in 3d

193. Calcel feature tool button changed





192. Tried to remove multiply page print when more copies set.

     Need to check on system where this happened.




191. Dry run delay paramater is now saved globally in the INI rather than

individually for each program.


190. Fetaure list OK calculation state has now color code (In/OUT of tol)


189. Result window shape picture - clicking on data points disables /enables

     them to calculation




188. Single side position tolerances setup option (general page)

     This option applies to:

     - Pos resut of features like point,circle

     - Position and Concentricity feature results



187. CalcRes feature expression noe allow to use results of SP,EP and

tolerance features.





186. New standard program for probe calibration Ph_cal2


185. Standard programs names setup in the option dialog


184. There was the same value of accel as speed in the SET MOTION PARAMS

cnc command which was send to the machine.


183. Del last data point with DEL key enabled wile displaying feature message

property info box.





182. DRO probe mode, machine-mouse-axeljoystick switched with F2 can

now be selected in the status.


181. Correction in iges load dialog when loading part,

     the dialog now closes itself at the end.


180. Program status line changed to eliminate false texts




179. Switching off feature result boxes in 3d was not working since 6.01.04


178. Save cad to AXD in autosave when the axd does not exist yet.

     Or, if the geometry transformation or filter was applied in the meantime.




177. Printout set/clar additional buttons for all features in printout

     confuration dialog

176. Correction in iges import - paraboloid.igs




175. Larege numbers apearing in dro window when takin point with

the mouse RB in 3d view.





174. Pipe


-  Inches envelope errors outside tolerance not highighted

-  Tolerance Band [PASS] / [FAIL] text added.

-  Supplementary pipe data updated after units change.

-  Result preview window updated after units change.




173. HTML export - part name field




172. Result boxes options (All,In tolerance,Out of tolerance) working in 3D view


171. Error closing dialog for tolerance edit for multiple features




170. Error that might occur when cancel not finished fetaure during creating

with data points source mode, in 3d view


169. CNC errors


- program after error always stay in pause, then it can be run or stopped

- cnc error causes to switch to joystick mode, run or step reenables cnc mode

- permament error like emergency stop and limits display message box until

the error dissapears


168. Pipe nominal table import.

Pipe data dialog - Load button imports text file which contains nominal data.

Program reads only lines which contain 3 numbers (separated by comas or space)

The numbers should be x y z or y b c, depends on the current selection in dialog.


     0.000,  0.000,  0.000

    10.000,  0.000,  0.000

    29.696,  3.473,  0.000

No other data is read at the moment. Nomber of strights is determined by number

of correctly read lines.

Other data like tube diameter and bend radius for a moment have to be set

manually until file format for those will be defined.





167. Crash after New part (sometimes after few attepmts)




166. Fixed difference between points coordinates of the best fit in data table

and results of surface points used for the calculation.

Before proper values was those in surface points results.


165. Result options dialog - "Save as default" checkbox option added for

Results options are saved for each view separately with the part file

Default values are used for all views of the New part.


164. Coordinate systems ignored for zoom all in both MW and 3D views


163. Axel header in raport text box - date and time placed in the sepearate line

the same changed in save results to file.








161. Corrected error with moving ph10 head even when doesn't require change




160. Additional text info and logo in axe splash bitmap, data in axel.ini

Example for itp.






;picure 122x80 pix, no stretch done



159. AxReport notifies Axel about report file and its disk path. Its location is

now remembered with part file (previous default search path was 'parts' dir).

Axel gets the report name in the moment of load/save/close the raport.





158. New 22-characters code to avoid characters mistyping.

(Previous version of axel still accept 20-char code)




157. Error excel export (cat housing part)




156. 3-axis joystick support.

     Accesible though F2 toggle (a small icon appears in the probe status)

     In Setup menu there is Joystick setup

155. Fixed error loading MN2501C_ISS3.igs

154. Corrected depth parameter of subprograms in learn




153. Automatic calibration


Modifiations inside calibration program :

- measure points slightly above the equator (80 deg of the sphere)

- message about probe psitioning is diaplyed only for the first position

- corrected moves to avoid the stem

- increased margin, but later there will be access to this parameter from the dialog


Calibration sphere uses its nominal diameter for drawing in MW and 3d instead

of measured like other features do.


Selection colour is disabled in 3d for the calibration sphere.






152. Correction of generated pipe in case od plane projected end points and

first straight along the Z axis




151. Save part prompt message after loading cnc program into program editor.




150. Play sound button in sounds setup fix

149. Fixed ocasional runtime error when switching to 3d view

148. Report now is notified about feature name change and 3d view change

147. Correction of 3d view in element coordinates after read part file

146. Corrected behaviour of open file dialog in the Stage Errors dialog




145. Message property dialog of the feature


Del key now can be used in the editor.

The dialog box is closed before feature is deleted.




144. DTL_PH9 Change in function parameters

Float changed to double.





143. Enabled draw of safety planes in 2d views

This is for MW view only

(change of 3rd mouse coordinate -  Ctr+Shift+LBmouse move)





142. Corrected size of SP picture in 3d. Now the size in mm is the circle

diameter, the same in pixels.

SP in exising parts will look 2x smaller, correction in the setup options

may be needed.

SP picture setup is stored with the part file (no change there).


141. Correction of p. 129 - Learn didn't add Measure command with learn

option Use standard programs enabled.





140. Dynamic link of DTL_PH9 dll library




VER 5.38


130. Changes in 3d save bitmap/export regarding bitmap size.

Now definition of the size is in mm/inch plus selection of dpi.



129. CNC Learn


With learn option "Use standard program" switched off, now there is possibility

of selecting existing feature from the list (measured erlier), press

remeasure function (instead of new fetaure). Learn will insert Measure-Finish



128. Dongle message appears in front of splash logo

127. Error with probe file name when named axel.prb

126. 3d Points mode points can now be selected when geometry is referenced

     to any system

125. 3D model position updated after changing geometry reference system

124. Result boxes in 3d updated after editing tolerances.


123. AxReport


Report was printing previous MW view after change of paty in axel.


Correction in part name. When axel calls report with a name which contains

spaces, now the whole name appears in raport correctly.


If print report is called from axel, program tries to load raport file with

the part name, if not succesful it tries to load just the template file.

If none of this is successful, raport prints nothing, but stays opened.


Resulions of axel bitmaps restricted to 360 dpi.


AxReport version changed to 1.2





122. Definig surface point in 3d in geometry mode on selected surface

121. Space bar pressed on delete last point message box





120. Bitmap added to standard printout, setup in printout page of

options dialog. It is a global setup for all parts.


119. Corrected pipe inch results - last digit rounding

118. Corrected Bend i Dia pipe results in nominals table - in inch




118. Problem with saving DXF file

117. Fonts of standard printout header lines changed.




116. Corrections in best fit calc with mindev and maxdev optimization type




115. Geometry transform dialog, removed change of checkboxes after

     coord system change

114. Increased size of expression string in cnc command




113. Increased size of expression string in UserRes feature (to 255 characters)




112. Recent parts dialog, part picture


Picture can be assigned to the part

  a) in part property dialog

  b) in 3d view "Save as bitmap" option -

     "bitmap for part preview" checkbox.


The picture is not used in printout or report yet.




111. Sounds setup in options.

Need to define more events


110. Corrected buttons bitmaps (in disabled mode, with 16bit colour)


109. Corrections in 180 bend pipe

- nominal table xyz Pa,Pb points (but editing is disabled)

- result boxes for Pa, Pb points

- corrected generation when 180 bend goes with non-zero twist

- HP bend point removed from the best fit





108. Multiple axd geometry files can be added to the part.

Can be then saved as single axd file. Consecutive files adds an 'a','b'..

letter to the entity and layer names.




107. Pipe end points correction


StartPt and EndPt will be generated with probe correction option set to


For existing parts this can be set manually, the probe correction option

should be set to :

StartPt:  +X, element, forced

EndPt"    -X, lasstrightname, forced



106. Delete last feature on feature list scroller error


105. Stiefelmayer XR Format for serial data d=transfer


Folowing setup will send serial data

- serial port - features - digitizing - Selfaymayer XR


Autotransfer option will send datapoints of the feature right after its finish.

With Autotransfer option always last feature data only wil be sent.

When there is no Autotransfer checked, manual send result will transfer all

features data or last fetaure depends on Send last feature only option.


If all efatures are being transfered feature Printout flag is used, when

sending single fetaure it is done regardless thie flag.


A the moment there is no signs send at the beginning of feature so all data

point are contignous set of XYZ and RST lines.


For the moment there might be a problem with last correction point of the feature

with Autotransfer option





105. Correct entity names after adding another iges while keeping

previous geometry


104. Dongle when checking time of the previous axel run now ignores

few minutes differences so it should be posiible to use the dongle on other

computer without waiting.


103. Corrected geometry extents after geometry transformation




102. Automatic ph calibration (first release)




101. Improved saving positions of toolbars

100. Proper size picture in excel report

99. Last zoom (last view) option working in 3d view




98. 2D views with grid, relative to any coordinate system




97. Errors in read surfaces from axd, only in versions from 5.06.03

96. Added Probe selectin window menu item and toolbar button

95. 2D view menu options and buttons




94. CNC program stops on motor status error flags even if bit

mots_ON is still set (0002h)









Until now program report these errors only if at the same time

mots_ON bit was zero.





93. Improved time of processing large surfaces while loading iges




92. Pipe 180 deg bends.

Need check on real nominals example


91. Corrected load/save to axd with large number of vertexes in surfaces





90. Corrected texts in delete features dialog box

89. Update pipe in 3d after generate




88. CNC program- highliht correct command in case of program error

87. Corrected buttons for edit menu options

86. Error mapping indication in status bar

85. Default surface thickness in SP options




VER. 5.33


86. Removed use of old setup PipeFileDir=c:\axel.exe\parts in pipe directories

85. SendResults toolbutton enabled

84. Pipe serial 0 checksum




89. Corrected some default settings in case of missing axel.ini

88. Backup of axel.ini ( created when starting axel (no automatic restore)

87. IGE,IGES extension filter in import geometry dialog

86. AutoZoom feature working in 3d view

85. New calculation of centre of rotation on 3d after zoom to window

84. New version of GLU32Axel13.dll

83. Slightly changed moments of writing probes file




82. Corrections in surface points from cad

-deviations are now =0

-correction dir taken from cad so can be used in learn






81. New Bends_ user res feature in pipe feature list, just to pass

bend values to other user calculations


80. Generate pipe from YBC nominal in inch fix


79. SP execute learn parameters fix


78. 3-pts pipe brackets plane


77. Pipe serial checksum byte = 0 fix.




76. Pipe data in inch


75. Axreport


74. Toolbars configuration corrected


This was a case when all pages were set as separate (no tabbed toolbar)


73. Modification is SP surface search


Now surface is rejected only if SP lies oustside surface boundary more than

the search range distance.




72. Error in print preview


This was caused by long part name.


71. Error in 6915110stand250303_3d.igs


This was a problem with old 16bit integer, a surface has more






70. Improvement of polylines selection in 3d


If in the area of mouse cursor (now its 4x4 pixels) are surfaces and

polylines, program select polyline.


69. Pipe serial export


68. Pipe


Plane defult number of points set to 3.

Pipe points in feature list labeled P0...Pi




67. Grid - but options dialog needs more corrections

66. More corrections in 3d




65. Error after closing viewpoint dialog with window x button

64. Iges entities with blank flag set are put to "hidden" geomery layer

62. Repaired selection colour of polylines in 3d




61. "Update SP surfaces" menu option in Edit menu for checking surfaces

of surface points.

It is also checkes automatically after inporting geometry file.


60. Best fit deviations dialog disabled in GO and CNC


59. New comunication betwen axel and report


Only those versions will work together from now on.

AxReport is marked with ver 1.1 in its status line.


58. Corrections in autoarrange





57. Modificatins in 3d


All nurbs surfaces rendered by opengl glu (slow rendering)

Added some unctions for checking trimm correcteness







56. Correction of created plane for circle when adding points from cad

with data points source mode.





55. Error with resources while printing in axel report.


54. Autoarrange in 3d view





53. Recalculating SP when loading geometry


Program finds SP which surfaces no longer exists. Then search for a new surface

and recalculates the feature.

partname.log file is writen with informations about surfaces and deviation






52. Long names for cnc program files




51. Points mode in 3d view


50. Pipe data export to file and serial




49. Remember last directory of imported geometry file




48. Rounding error in result display


47. Remeasure of multipoint best fit





46. Error printing Min type result boxes from axreport




45. Error in calbration when axis data has 1 interval




44. Autoarrange


Nowprogram doesnt ask if crete another view if not arranged features

have its origin outside the window.




43. Opening MW in right size (not minimized) when using Part-Load menu opt.




42. Some improvements in rendering




41. Errors reading older part files that read non-existing seq files


40. Error in EP calculation (in projection onto line entity)




39. Colours setup for result boxes options




38. Not loading cad from subdirectory of \geom


37. Export geometry - save dialog with current cad name




36. Changes in displaying result boxes in 3d - possible errors




35. Deactivated SpaceBar point when displaying feature property dialogs


34. Errors reading bounded surfaces in iges




33. Edge Point cnc program


Similar to SP program for edge point Ept_tp__.seq





32. Nominals XYZ of Surface Point - set at each SP recalculation




31. Nominals XYZ of Edge Point - set at each EP recalculation





============= 5.19 =================


30. Enable print one fetaure option in Result Window


29. Saving to dxf error

Save surface an edge points to DXF




28. Errors displaying large program in the cnc editor





27. Error loading part which was saved with define <element> dialog opened






26. WIndows 2000 axel problems


- printing results from axel

- dll error (reading ini file), causing crash or hangup





25. Correction of IGES reading


sample file : JIG-COMPLETE.IGS

what's wrong : hanging in 3dmesh trimming procedures


24. Changing surface property of SP


after change of surface there is a question box whether to update

Execute comand parameters of this SP, if exists.





23. Surface selection for SP property


Now order of the surfaces list is is modified by correction dir.

If the corr dir is more away from prpendicular to the surface its distance

on the list is increased and the surface is shifted down on the list.


Surfaces on non-visible layer are not taken into account.


22. Axrep correct number of pages display while printing


21. Finish/Cancel of SP in Learn crash (not always)




20. Update 3d mesh data after geometry transformation


19. Surface selection in SP surface dialog in 3D


Selecting surface in te list in surface property of SP feature

higlights the surface in the 3d view.


18. IGES error


Error while taking surface point (60973kpx15740-00.igs).

The reason was wrong processing of surface of revolution from iges.




17. Save MW background color to ini and part file




16. Error finding surface for SP after cad transformation


15. Error while loading new part with iges (iges dialog at start)


14. Crash running german version




13. HTML template


12. Update surface points size in 3D after change mm/pixels in options




11. Error closing data dialog for gauge feature


10. SURF_TP program modified


The second move has been removed. Now program goes to the point margin

away from the surface coordinates, and then is a touch moveby with the

margin length.

Underrun and overrun values are not used directly by the subprogram.


9. CNC Comment editor


There was an error when accepting edited text of the Comment



1.08.02  5.11



8. Report


HTML report can be edited with Front Page.

Measure Window bitmap is now exported also from MW mode as well as 3D.


7. Autosave mod


Now save and autosave dosn't finish learn mode and measured feature.

But still the part after load will always have learn mode disabled and

no feature will be active.





6. Autosave mod


This saves now only PAR file, without axd geometry file, this should

minimize interrupts when working with the program.


5. Feature default name setup in program options


4. New result box type "Minimum"


This is always one line box, with fetaure name and a result number.

The result displayed is the first from the list in reults window - it can

only be changed by enabling/disabling results in the tolerance table.




3. Results "Use Dimensions" flag


The flag is now remembered in te part file, separately for each view.


2. CNC program time


The cnc program last execution time is displayed in the status line

after loading part has been opened from file


1. CNC editor fix


Display of large number of commands